[pmwiki-users] Custom views and pagelists not promptly updated

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Sat May 2 06:47:31 CDT 2009

On Sat, May 2, 2009 at 11:13 AM, Olaf Marzocchi
<550242083288-0001 at t-online.de> wrote:

wrt the problems with the multiple {$LastModifiedDate} without any
title/description, here's a portion of the HTML on your sandbox:

<div class='vspace'></div><div class='fpltemplate'><p><a
from the lake of Constance</a>
</p><div class='indent'>Pictures of the lake, 25 April 2009
(02/05/2009 ore 01:11 CEST)
</div><p class='vspace'><a class='wikilink'
</p><div class='indent'>!!!NOTHING HERE!!! (30/04/2009 ore 22:48 CEST)
</div><p class='vspace'><a class='wikilink'
Karlsruhe - Frankfurt, 21 February 2009</a>
</p><div class='indent'>Pictures from the match  (01/05/2009 ore 13:44 CEST)
</div><p class='vspace'><a class='wikilink'
</p><div class='indent'>!!!NOTHING HERE!!! (11/01/2009 ore 01:49 CET)

You'll notice the "!!!NOTHING HERE!!!" that I've inserted to call
attention to it.  Basically you've got a lot of pages without a
{$:titleen} or {$:descriptionen} (or other languages) and since that
is what displays in the link then it just "displays" as a blank spot
on the page.  A page always has {$LastModifiedDate} and so that does
appear, making it appear as if the pages that *do* have {$:titleen}
have multiple last modified dates..

Try putting something like {=$FullName} into your pagelist template
(just for debugging purposes) and I'm guessing it will show exactly
what's going on...  Or you could require that {$:title{$View}} be set
in order to show in your pagelist, but that changes your list


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