[pmwiki-users] Headings and SEO

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Fri May 8 06:26:42 CDT 2009

linda at heksebua.com wrote:
> I get a lower score on the SEO-tests because my pages don't have a top
> heading (h1). How can I solve this?
Depends on which skin you're using -- basically you'll need to modify 
the skin .tmpl file to use the model you want, or pick a skin which 
already uses the desired model. There are three primary models I've seen:
  - site title as the H1 element, with the page title as a second H1; 
headers in page start at H2
  - site title is H1, page title is H2; headers in page start at H2
  - page title is H1, site title is H3; headers in page start at H2

This gets a little more fuzzy when you have things like a list of page 
titles on a single page, as you would see in a blogging system.

Of course there are many other variations, but these appear to be the 
main ones. Note that there is no real consensus on how Google ranks 
these different schemes, even videos and info from Google employees 
don't clarify the system. Personally I have not noticed a difference, 
although I tend towards the third model. But, I've not done any real 
scientific studies; I suspect the main driver of links coming into your 
site from other ranked sites.

  ~ ~ Dave

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