[pmwiki-users] User management (Cookbook: htpasswdform)

Tyrus Elias tyrus at livelifetoday.info
Sat May 9 12:48:39 CDT 2009

In continued effort to manage users, I have moved on to try using a 
cookbook. I have tried "include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/htpasswdform.php");"

What I get in return is the following (what appears to be 12 lines of 
values 1 value per line) followed by a block paragraph of data concluded 
with the warning listed below.

Any help? I am using godaddy hosting.

array('apr1', '$apr1$', true), 1 => array('crypt', null, false), 2 => 
array('SHA-1', '{SHA}', false), )); SDVA($HtpasswordMsgFmt, array( 
'created' => "

      $['%s' has been created.]

", 'deleted' => "

      $['%s' has been deleted.]

", 'no_name' => "

      $[no valid name specified.]

", 'unmatched' => "

", )); $HandleActions['postadmhtpasswd'] = 'HandleHtpasswdAdmForm'; 
$HandleAuth['postadmhtpasswd'] = $HtpasswordAuth;
*Warning*: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by 
(output started at 
/home/content/l/a/n/lanoble1/html/wiki/cookbook/htpasswdform.php:7) in 
*/home/content/l/a/n/lanoble1/html/wiki/pmwiki.php* on line *1079*
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