[pmwiki-users] FoxEdit & new sections

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Wed May 13 19:33:42 CDT 2009

noticed one error on the FoxEdit-Talk page.
in the working examples towards mid-page, the EditSectionForm example:
(:fox editform foxaction=replace put=overwrite target={$EditTarget} 
{$EditSection} redirect={$EditTarget}{$EditSection}:)

should instead be:
(:fox editform foxaction=replace put=overwrite target={$EditTarget}# 
{$EditSection} redirect={$EditTarget}#{$EditSection}:)

and in FoxEdit, commenting out the following line causes everything  
to work, and the section is added:
	//if ($fts['pos']==0) FoxAbort($pagename,"$[Error: cannot find  
section] '$section'");

is there a different check that should be made here, instead of  
commenting it out?


On 12 May 2009, at 12:44 AM, Hans wrote:

> Saturday, May 9, 2009, 1:35:23 AM, adam overton wrote:
>> is it possible to edit an absent/non-yet-existing section, and have
>> FoxEdit create and add it to the page?
> The creation of a not-yet-existing PTV is done by Fox, not FoxEdit.
> The hidden PTV is the default format. You can specify other formats in
> the Fox form (in your case the edit form called by FoxEdit) by adding
> a 'ptvfmt' parameter to the fox markup:
> ptvfmt=section will tell Fox to create a new PTV as an anchor section.
>   ~Hans

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