[pmwiki-users] pmwiki and Active Directory

Tom info at aurlund.no
Thu May 14 13:39:04 CDT 2009

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Here are some sample values for the $idinfo-array:

$idinfo[1] = username => in our environment we are using a personal code 
like '98765432'
$idinfo[2] = full name => f.eks. "Joe Doe"
$idinfo[3] = Access Code:

$idinfo[3] are linked to security groups in the Active Directory in the 
following manner:

Security Group "WIKI":                $idinfo[3] = "read"
Security Group "PMWIKI":          $idinfo[3] = "edit"
Security Group "Administrators":   $idinfo[3] = "admin"

If username '98765432' with full name "Joe Doe" authenticates at the 
intranet website (via
Active Directory) and he is a member of the PMWIKI Security Group then 
$idinfo[3] gets
the value 'edit'.

The resulting code in this case should be:

$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = 'id:98765432'

which again should give the result that the authenticated user should 
have site-wide edit access.

But this is not the case - maybe I have got some permissions wrong on 
the folder structure for
pmwiki ??

- Regards,
Tom A.

> On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 8:52 PM, Tom <info at aurlund.no 
> <mailto:info at aurlund.no>> wrote:
>     ...
>     $idName = chr(39) . "id:" . $idinfo[1] . chr(39);
>     $idCode = chr(39) . $idinfo[3] . chr(39);
>     $DefaultPasswords[$idCode] = $idName;
> This information is probably available in your post if I read it 
> carefully enough, but, lazy man that I am, would it be possible for 
> you to give some sample values for $idinfo[1], $idinfo[2], and 
> $idinfo[3]?  I'm thinking [1] is a username, [2] is a full name, and 
> [3] is a group.  But I'm unsure what type of values you have in [3].
> -Peter

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