[pmwiki-users] PmForm to create new pages

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Tue May 19 03:29:09 CDT 2009

DaveG wrote:

>Oliver Betz wrote:
>> "$Conditions['exists']" is already defined in pmwiki.php, so your
>> suggestion can be simplificated (no php needed):
>> (:template require if="!exists 'whatever variable'" errmsg="The page
>> already exists!":)
>Good call. If this works, that simplifies BlogIt -- cool.

it works in my environment.

>>> In Site.ClogIt-CoreTemplate#blog-post-control I use this format:
>>>   (:template defaults saveto="{$$ptv_entryurl}":)
>>> Where entryurl is the name of the PmForm variable in which the user 
>>> enters the pagename.
>> Are you using (:input text $:entryurl:), IOW PTV markup for the target
>> page?
>> I'm using (:input text newname:) and therefore get the same result (?)
>> by $$something (without ptv_ prefix).
>Interesting -- I seem to recall thinking you *had* to use a PTV as the 
>form variable, and also wondering *why* I had to use the ptv_ prefix on 

I remember your comment about this in

>the template. I'll have to see if my use of the PTV has had any 
>unintended (possibly useful!) side-affects.

This would be indeed very interesting.

IMO PmForm is a great thing, but it's hard to use because the
documentation tells only very little about the capabilities.

I have seen that you and Mateusz Czaplinski contributed a lot to the
PmForm pages, but the "disclaimer" (although adequate) could deter
people from using PmForms.

Since PmForm seems to work fine, it's documentation deserves some care
IMO. Sadly I'm not capable doing so - I'm glad if I get it working,
but I know/understand not enough to make a reliable documentation.


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