[pmwiki-users] Checkbox and FoxContacts

Jim Beuerle jbeuerle at triad.rr.com
Wed May 27 09:16:11 CDT 2009


I have been trying this for WAY too long, so I need some help.

How would I modify the FoxContacts package to use checkbox and have the
ability to UPDATE them?  Herr are some of the things I have tried without

For example, an original line from the NewContact form is

|| '''Country:''' ||(:input text name=$:country size=60:) ||

Is this the coding for using a checkbox?

|| '''Country:''' ||(:input checkbox name=$:country[] value="country 1":)
Country 1  (:input checkbox name=$:country[] value="country 2":) Country 2

In the ContactTemplates#display the original

|| '''Country:'''||{{$$country}} ||    should be replaced with   ||
'''Country:'''||{{$$country[]}} ||

In the ContactTemplates#new the original

country=$:country  should be replaced with country=$:country[]

(:country: {$$country}:)  and with (:country: {$$country[]}:)

Thanks for your time!

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