[pmwiki-users] Second level ul strange output

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Thu May 28 02:34:33 CDT 2009

"Patrick R. Michaud" wrote:

>> <dl><dd>
>>  <ul>
>>   <li>foo</li>
>>   <li>bar</li>
>>  </ul>
>> </dd></dl>
>> for this markup:
>> ** foo
>> ** bar
>What would you prefer that it use?

I can't tell for sure what I _prefer_ in the end because I have very
little HTML knowledge, but I _expected_ a second level ul.

The problem with the <dl> is that the presentation differs from a
second level (nested) <ul>. So if you have

* some item
** subitem

and a stand-alone

** foo
** bar

then subitem isn't aligned with foo and in most cases it will use
another bullet (background explained below).



doesn't seem to be correct HTML, putting the second level list in a
<li> with "list-style: none;" and maybe "display: inline" could be an

  <li style="list-style: none; display: inline">

I don't know whether "display: inline" is really needed.

The original problem was that when I used a pagelist producing second
level list items, the presentation for these items differed from
manually entered second level items.

One reason was that the pagelist wrap= parameter was documented
incorrectly and incompletely (see thread "Pagelist wrap= parameter
documentation error?"). There is no "HTML" option for this parameter.

I changed PmWiki/PageLists according to my findings, but I don't
understand completely the effect of $FPLTemplateMarkupFunction so my
description is still incomplete and maybe wrong.


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