[pmwiki-users] automatic translating page Recent Changes

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Nov 28 10:34:48 CST 2009

On Saturday 28 November 2009 10:52:03, Patrik Schrey wrote :
> This is indeed one way of doing it for the {$Group}/RecentChanges page. And
> I saw that some PmWiki translations use this way.

Hello. IIRC it was also somewhat buggy.

> But I have the impression this is not generic enough:
> - No entry is made for the Site.AllRecentChanges
>  (Site.AllRecentChangesShort is not in the distribution)
> - To have no problems with the different character sets (for the different
> languages) with the current PmWiki code,
> the best practice is to use ASCII for the PageName and to use the (:title:)
> directive for the special characters & punctuation.

Agreed for the pagenames, but if you have special characters encoded in one 
encoding, even in the (:title:) directive, they will appear broken in another 
encoding. Typically, the French XLPage on pmwiki.org is in the old Latin1 
encoding, a new wiki may chose the new Unicode/UTF8 standard, and any accented 
or diacritical characters will appear broken in the titles. (If it were for 
the pagenames with non-ASCII letters, they may even not be found by pmwiki.)

Encoding issues should mostly be fixed when we change the default PmWiki 
installation to use Unicode/UTF8 instead of Latin1. Unfortunately, it is not 
simple to upgrade all existing wikis to UTF-8.

> But in this case the mentioned pages doesn't exist yet in a clean install.
> So I'm looking for a solution that have a (:title:) directive included when
> generated, with the translation in the XLPage.

Looks like a good candidate for PITS.


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