[pmwiki-users] clean urls problem

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Thu Oct 1 00:23:08 CDT 2009

hi Derek, Dave
thanks for the responses

Derek Keller wrote:
> maybe make sure permissions are correct for .htaccess and that  
> allowoverride is properly specified for the directory in the second  
> apache virtual host config.

the permissions for /wiki/.htaccess and /pmwiki/.htacess are both set  
to 644
how do i tell if allowoverride is specified?

DaveG wrote:
> Where are the .htaccess files stored? It might help to know the  
> *paths* that you installed pmwiki under rather than the domain- 
> names, but reading the .htaccess it seems it should be stored in  
> the root -- ie, above where pmwiki is stored. This would be tricky  
> if you have something like this (which I suspect you do):
> \
> |--->pmwiki
> |--->wiki

in my case, it's

with '/' meaning '/home/username/public_html/'

each of those folders holds its own .htaccess file, which i believe  
is what's specified on CleanUrls

note that the code in both .htaccess files is exactly the same,  
except that /wiki/.htaccess contains RewriteBase /wiki instead of  
RewriteBase /pmwiki.

also note that i can successfully access http://firstWiki.com via:
but i cannot successfully access:
http://myserver.com/wiki/Main/Page - it still wants the traditional url


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