[pmwiki-users] Setting page privs from config.php

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Fri Oct 2 08:14:37 CDT 2009

On 10/2/2009 2:33 AM, Christian Bartolomaeus wrote:
> * On 2009-10-01 DaveG (pmwiki at solidgone.com) wrote:
>> [...]
>>> 1. if you need it, include the group customization file with
>>>      include_once()
>>> 2. set your password
>> That's the problem -- there are ways to set the edit/admin password but
>> not the passwords for a page. As others have noted I'll take a look at
>> setting the page attribute directly.
> Maybe I misread your question and you want something else, but ...
> My suggestion was to override the global passwords (from config.php)
> in a page customization file (say Main.Test.php for page Main.Test).
Actually, I was looking for something different. I actually wanted to 
change the password stored in the file.

Thanks though,

  ~ ~ Dave

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