[pmwiki-users] Notebook-NT Skin updated

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Sat Oct 3 09:08:19 CDT 2009

"V.Krishn" wrote:

>> do consider to integrate (:noleft:)?
>Could you check 

The question is whether you want to integrate it in the skin.

Patching config.php should be avoided if possible.


>> First try: Make the browser window narrow => The action links jump
>> down below the bottom of the sidebar content.
>> Well, this is also ugly with Firefox: The links shift out at the left
>> side (BTW: this happens also with the YAML132 skin).
>Browser resizing seems to be ok with firefox3+ and konqueror 3.5.9+

make the browser window so narrow that the action links don't fit in
the middle area to see what I mean. The action links will enter the
sidebar area.


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