[pmwiki-users] special characters in links

wkeller wkeller at vtxmail.ch
Tue Oct 13 15:07:47 CDT 2009

Hi all

I need links of then form
* https://rhino-sec.csintra.net/MVSDS/'DBTF.DBAA.LISTDEF(TEMPL)'
and for the first part I want to define an intermap entry
* RZ1:    https://rhino-sec.csintra.net/MVSDS/
If write now
wiki thinks the first apostroph is the text behind the link and, thus, 
and thus RZ1: is an incomplete intermap entry and not expanded. I can 
fix that with link brackets:
this gives me the link 
https://rhino-sec.csintra.net/MVSDS/'DBTF.DBAA.LISTDEF', as needed. When 
I append the braced term
wiki swallows the braces and and again my link is bad. The only idea I 
got, is to replace the braces by hex sequences:
this works, however,  is quite clumsy.

Does anyone have a simpler and more readable solution?

many thanks


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