[pmwiki-users] Changing $PageLogoUrl variable based on Group

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Thu Oct 15 19:02:09 CDT 2009

hi Graham
i've just started using the following method in my own skin and it's  
been working splendidly -
it allows users to set the PageLogoUrl via a 'groupLogo' PTV on the  
DefaultPage for each group:

# default logo, & per group logos via config.php
$logo = "defaultLogo.gif"; # the defaultLogo
if($group=="ILuvU") $logo = "blackheart.gif";  # assign a different  
logo for different groups

# allow users to specify a logo using (:groupLogo: grouplogo- 
filename.gif:) placed on their default page
$groupLogo = PageTextVar("$group.$DefaultName",'groupLogo');  # get  
PTV for logo address
if($groupLogo) $PageLogoUrl = "$PmWikiDir/uploads/$group/ 
$groupLogo";  # get logo from uploads folder
else $PageLogoUrl = "$SkinDirUrl/logos/$logo";  # otherwise, use  
default logos, located somwhere in pub folder


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> Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 14:19:42 +0100
> From: Graham Archer <Graham.Archer at Sun.COM>
> Subject: [pmwiki-users] Changing  $PageLogoUrl variable based on Group
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> Hi,
> I would like to change the Wiki logo ( top left hand corner) ,
> $PageLogoUrl, variable depending on the Group. I am using the  
> monobook skin.
> I guess I should be able to do this in config.php - but my php  
> knowledge
> isn't up to knowing how to write.....
> " if group = xxxx then logo Urlxxx, else logo Urlyyy"
> Can anyone assist me with this - or perhaps point out the better/ 
> proper way?
> Thanks
> Graham

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