[pmwiki-users] Page save performance issue

Laatz, Erek laatz at consist.de
Mon Oct 19 07:54:55 CDT 2009

Dear all,

since October 2007 I'm using PmWiki for a personal wiki. PmWiki was the
best choice for me because it's most flexible with it's skins and it's
file based, which reduces administrative tasks on the two systems where
PmWiki is (indeoendent) located.

Since that time I was absolutely satisfied with that choice.

But since February 2009 the page save time (after editing a page)
increases continuously from nearly 1 second up to 10 seconds. Now it
takes 17 seconds to save a page edit - nearly independent how large the
page is. The page render time is best, it takes between 0.07 to 1.71
seconds to reander a page depending of it's content (stopwatch).

Here some basic informations about the Wiki and the systems:

Wiki: 348 sites / 353 files in ./wiki.d
      largest file: 541224 bytes,
      smallest file: 969 bytes

      largest file page save time: 17 seconds
      smallest file page save time: 16 seconds

System 1: Windows XP Professional
          1 Intel Core 2 Duo @1.66 GHz
          2 GB RAM
          HD 1: 160 GB for OS and Apps
          HD 2: 250 GB for data and the wiki

System 2: Windows Vista Home Premium
          1 Intel Core 2 Duo @1.5 GHz
          2 GB RAM
          HD Part. 1:  60 GB for OS and Apps
          HD Part. 2: 190 GB for data and the wiki

On both systems the page save performance is nearly the same.

Anyone here who has an idea how to get rid of this performance issue. In
the mailing list I could not find any issues regarding such a strange
performance problem...

Thanks in advance, yours

Erek Laatz
(from North Germany)

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