[pmwiki-users] Page save performance issue

Laatz, Erek laatz at consist.de
Tue Oct 20 07:23:59 CDT 2009

Hello Jean-Daniel,

thank you for your reply! Oh yes, not only defragmented. I have
re-formatted that data partitions for the web server and placed the
htdocs including the PmWiki directory in the fresh-formatted partition -
with no performance improvement.

Actually I have no idea where to increase the page-save-performance. But
I also want to have a look to my Apache 2.2. I have the apprehension
that here something's not ok.

I will inform community if I find out something. Have a nice day and
best regards, yours


jdd-gmane wrote:
> Laatz, Erek a écrit :
>> On both systems the page save performance is nearly the same.
> did you defragment the hard drive?
> jdd

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