[pmwiki-users] Cookbook/Flash - splitting the page into two?

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Tue Oct 20 17:18:34 CDT 2009

hi dave

i haven't personally worked with the flash.php or swf.php code, so i'm not
sure how easy or hard it would be to integrate that with the videosharing
sites code. and i'm not sure if i'm the guy to delve any deeper than i
have (at thie point at least).

for now i just have a big update to the 2nd portion (youtube,vimeo,etc),
which has a slightly different function for each vendor due to the slight
differences in the parameters they each offer, and how they apply them.
there may be a way to consolidate these at some point, but i'm not there
yet. as folks will see, i've "complicated" jon haupt's original solution
now that parameters and ROEPatterns are involved.

> I didn't delve into it deeply, but I wonder why we don't simply have a
> single plugin for flash content.

it seems so far the separate plugins serve two different functions based
on their source rather than their output:
a. flash.php & swf.php are primarily used for embedding your own flash
content (likely stored on your own server)
b. swf-sites.php (& and the other packages) are embedding from external
videosharing sites, all of which seem to have slightly different
api-formats and embed code.

i think combining the recipes at this point would create a mega-recipe
that might be more hefty than someone might like if they only want to
enable a. without enabling b., or vice versa

one consolidation that could happen would be to add all the extra
sprawling recipes (teachertube, audioo, godtube, slidehare) to the
youtube/vimeo/googlevideo/flickr recipe, adding new players as they come
along. one argument against that would be to keep the more obscure players
away from the more common ones. (is that mean?)

but maybe you're right - maybe there's a way to combine them more simply.
for now, however my question remains - shall i split'em up, or shall all
the recipes gather and be merry at the flash-party on the same page : )


> adam overton wrote:
>> hi there
>> i'm about to upload a major update to the swf-sites.php recipe hosted at
>> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Flash, plus i plan to majorly
>> overhaul
>> the page, as it's cluttered with comments, and it's can be confusing to
>> navigate.
> Just a little :)
>> before i do so, i would like to ask if there are any objections to
>> splitting this page into two? Perhaps:
>> - Cookbook/Flash - to host swf.php and flash.php
>> - and something like Cookbook/FlashVideos (any better ideas?) - to host
>> the recipes for youtube, vimeo, and the variety of other plugins that
>> have
>> been added, either in swf-sites.php or individually.
> Did you find a reason why they inherently need to be different plugins
> even? I remember when I looked at this, I wondered why we even had so
> many scripts.
> I didn't delve into it deeply, but I wonder why we don't simply have a
> single plugin for flash content. They all output the same basic html.
> The only difference might be the way a url is parsed based on domain
> name if a particular service requires a unique url format or params.
>   ~ ~ Dave

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