[pmwiki-users] Per group customizations -- I'm missing something silly

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Fri Oct 23 13:38:03 CDT 2009

Sandy wrote:
> I put a file called
> testgroup.php
> in my /local directory, right beside config.php.
> The contents of testgroup.php are:
> <?php
> in test group config
> That should break something, right? The eventual goal is
> $Skin = 'testgroupskin';
> but the first step is proof it's reading the testgroup.php file.
> I created a file in the group by, from another page, entering
> [[testgroup.testgroup]] .
Unless you have a custom config, groups typically start with a capital 
letter. That also usually means that the config file needs to be 
capitalized as well.

so a page MyGroup.MyPage

needs a config file named MyGroup.php

  ~ ~ Dave

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