[pmwiki-users] Using variable in skin template

Sven Hartenstein lists at svenhartenstein.de
Fri Oct 23 14:14:27 CDT 2009

Hi Dave,

thank you for your answer!

>> I would like to use a variable in my skin template. Ideally, this
>> would be similar to the
>>   (:title Title of Page:)
>> markup, but I'd be ok with using a PageTextVariable. So, is it
>> possible to use such a variable in the skin template? {*$:MyVariable}
>> does not seem to work. (It does work in the SideBar or in a
>> GroupHeader, but not within the skin template.)
> To use a PHP variable within a skin template you need to store it as a  
> FmtPV variable, which needs to be a executable PHP statement (thus the  
> odd quotes). Refer to PmWiki/PageVariables:
> $FmtPV['$MyVar'] = '"abc"';

But this would mean the variable has just one value. I would like the
wiki editors to be able to set the variable differently for each page,
when editing the page.

Any solution for this?


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