[pmwiki-users] Using variable in skin template

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Fri Oct 23 16:35:29 CDT 2009

Sven Hartenstein wrote:
> Hi Hans,
>> Then maybe it is easiest to use div markup for those quotes, with a
>> specific class name, and use css to set the div where you want it.
>> But you would need to absolutely position it.
> That's what I currently do. I am not very happy with it. I would
> prefer to set the text in the same table as the logo (i.e. in the
> skin), so that the two areas do not overlap...
> Any chance of using a PageTextVariable in the skin template?
Or, you could grab the PTV into a variable, and then use it from the tmpl:
   $FmtPV['$myvar'] = PageVar($pagename,'$:myvar')

And then use the myvar as described earlier.

  ~ ~ David

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