[pmwiki-users] RandomQuote Quote File Format

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sat Oct 24 23:10:45 CDT 2009

Ivan Mann wrote:
> I have done everything for RandomQuote to work except create the quote 
> file.  I have tried a couple of different formats and nothing seems to 
> work.  
> The sample code in the php file looks like quotes with xml tags 
> surrounding.  The program appears to strip all of the xml tags out and 
> seems to be looking for other characters, but I can't read php well 
> enough to tell what.
> Does anybody have a sample quote file?  I can copy any format, I just 
> need to know what the format is.
Uses a wiki page (so create the page from PmWiki) -- for example 
MyGroup.Quotes. The format of the page is:

Here's quote 1

Here's quote 2

Here's quote 3

Then use a pagelist to include the quote:
   (:include {MyGroup.Quotes$RandomSection}:)

  ~ ~ Dave

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