[pmwiki-users] Geotagging for PmWiki - Beta 1 release of recipe

stevecrisp at gmail.com stevecrisp at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 11:42:37 CDT 2009

Dear All,

I've put together a recipe which adds geotagging support for PmWiki pages
using a new markup.  It allows you to 'pin' PmWiki pages to your favourite
web map servers or GIS desktop tools e.g. GoogleEarth.  It currently outputs
KML and GeoRSS feeds.

I'd appreciate if a couple of people could try it out to check for
compatibility with different configurations than mine.

It's all documented here:  http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/GeoTagging

The PmWiki ninjas amongst you will notice that I'm a php newbee so could do
with some pointers on the 'TODO' items (1) and (2) on the above page.  Any
comments would be gratefully received.

Best regards,
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