[pmwiki-users] PAGELIST / Math / summatory

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Thu Sep 3 14:47:26 CDT 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009, 3:14:12 PM, edwin marte wrote:

> What I have is SomeGroup, wich have page1, page2, page3, etc. Every
> page have a page variable let's say called DATA.

> So if we have let's say:       

> {SomeGroup.page1$:DATA}  =10
> {SomeGroup.page2$:DATA}  =20
> {SomeGroup.page3$:DATA}  =15

> I want to be able to build a pagelist for giving me Total:45

Here is another approach, using markup expressions.

Add the following to config:

# sum of data ptvs listed as data= ;
# input argument PageName or csv list of pagenames
MarkupExpr['sumdata'] = 'MXSumDataPTVs($pagename, $args[0], $argp)';
function MXSumDataPTVs($pagename, $list, $args) {
   $sum = '';
   if(!isset($args['data'])) return 'no data PTVs selected';
   $ptvs =  explode(',',$args['data']);
   $plist = (isset($list)) ? explode(',',$list) : array($pagename);
   foreach($plist as $pn) {
      $pn = MakePageName($pagename, $pn);
      foreach ($ptvs as $d) {
         $v = PageTextVar($pn, $d);
         $sum += floatval($v);
   return $sum;

install PowerTools to use pagelist or plist markup expressions

then use in your page something like this to show the sum
of PTVs named ABC and XYZ

{(sumdata (plist Test.Name*) data=ABC,XYZ)}

You need data= as parameter for the PTVs, you can use one or several
separated by comas.
The first argument is a page name or csv page list, which is supplied
in the example with markup expression (plist)
You could use a (pagelist ...) markup expression.
Or simply

{(sumdata Page1,Page2,Page3 data=DATA)}

to sum PTV 'DATA' from pages Page1, Page2 and Page3

I should add the (sumdata ) expression to PowerTools i think.


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