[pmwiki-users] check - why my mails often don't arrive

Patrick Ogay Evolution lists at basel-inside.ch
Sat Sep 5 05:25:22 CDT 2009

(Test answering a post) 

I really have a serious problem with posting. 
*yesterday I sent a mail to the list, and cc to petko (the mail didn't
arrive to the list)
*the mails which I habe posted, don't come back. (real wrong adresses
come back). 

It looks that the mails are filtered somewhere out.
Strange also: I made a post, the small post (arrived),
the same post, with "edit as new" (evolution) didn't arrive... (Header

I will try to inscribe with another mail-adress, as nobody else seem's
to have problems. 

Patrick Ogay

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