[pmwiki-users] Main.homepage asks for login..

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Sep 10 17:15:16 CDT 2009

>> I installed userauth from the cookbook, and after messing with it, I

UserAuth is an external module written by an independent developer. You
could probably try to contact him directly.

>> can state that is IS, in fact, working - ?action=admin brings up the
>> right page, I can edit users, etc...

There is no core PmWiki action "admin", I assume it is used by the
UserAuth module.

>> the problem is - I don't understand why the main page of the wiki
>> (/Main/HomePage) is asking for a login
>> on ?action=admin, I have GuestUser defined with these permissions:
>> "read_all, rss" - and it doesn't matter if I change it to just 'read'
>> from 'read_all', or if I get rid of 'rss'..

There are no PmWiki permissions "read_all" or "rss", again, your
question probably relates to the UserAuth recipe, and its author may be
better placed to answer than anyone else.

>> might this be a hold-over from the previous use of native authuser? -
>> I have set the passwords on /Main/HomePage to 'clear  in the
>> ?action=attr

Yes, "clear" without the quotes should clear all passwords to a page.
You may also have defined passwords in a
Main/GroupAttributes?action=attr page, and you can clear them the same

In recent PmWiki versions (2.2.0+) there is also the page
SiteAdmin/AuthList listing all pages with some passwords.


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