[pmwiki-users] Can I set default home page name to HomePage instead of {$Group}?

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sat Sep 12 11:37:44 CDT 2009

I believe you can do this by setting $DefaultName. ref 

  ~ ~ David

Tegan Dowling wrote:
> If I create a link to the home page of a group that doesn't yet exist:
> [[NewGroup/]] and click it, the wiki takes me to
> NewGroup.NewGroup?action=edit.  I want it to take me to
> NewGroup.HomePage?action=edit.
> I can live with the Site.Site and SiteAdmin.SiteAdmin pages
> functioning as the home pages for those default groups, but I want new
> groups to have default home pages named HomePage, not named the same
> as the group -- I find users confused by having the home page of a
> group having the same name as the group itself.
> I've looked in the documentation, of course, but if the answer is
> there, I'm not finding it.
> Thanks!
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