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Simon nzskiwi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 03:08:34 CDT 2009

OK (noting I am using http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PerGroupSubDirectories
here is what I have, and it basically works

In config.php I have (for both websites)

  $WikiDir = new PageStore('wiki.d/$Group/$FullName'); # per group
  $WikiLibDirs = array(
PageStore('/home/tahi/public_html/pmwiki/wikishared.d/$Group/$FullName', 0),
     new PageStore('$FarmD/wikilib.d/$FullName'));

This lets the shared pages to be read.

In the SharedGroup.php I have (for both sites)

## only alter the directories when a page is posted in this group
if (@$_REQUEST['action']=='edit'
 && preg_grep('/^post/', array_keys($_REQUEST) ) ) {
  $LockFile = "/home/tahi/public_html/pmwiki/wikishared.d/.flock";
  $WikiDir = new
PageStore('/home/tahi/public_html/pmwiki/wikishared.d/$Group/$FullName', 1);
# writeable shared group
  $WikiLibDirs = array(  &$WikiDir,
    new PageStore('wiki.d/$Group/$FullName'), # per group subdirectories
    new PageStore('$FarmD/wikilib.d/$Group/$FullName')  );

This works fine except when I do "save and edit"
Then I get the error
PmWiki can't process your request

?unable to retrieve edit form Site.EditForm

although the page is saved successfully.

Question: why is Site.EditForm not found?

thanks in advance

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