[pmwiki-users] Search counts but doesn't list pages

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Thu Sep 17 20:08:18 CDT 2009

Search is suddenly failing me. It seems to be related to my use of  

If Get variables are provided, my page saves them as cookies - for  
example (:cookie range "{$?range}":). Whenever it saves the cookies,  
Search thereafter correctly shows the count of pages, but doesn't list  
them. And the only way I can get Search to work normally again is to  
reboot the computer. (Quitting and restarting MAMP doesn't help.)

Clue 1: The page that sets the cookies uses request variables -  
getting values from the Get variable or the cookie, as available.

Clue 2: I have another PHP 5 issue that perhaps is related. When I  
have too many pages, pagelist fails - I get a blank page. Some helpful  
souls on this list have suggested it's because PHP times out or runs  
out of memory - but I don't know how to test that. I did try setting  
memory_limit = 48M and max_execution_time = 60, but neither helped.  
(I'm not sure that the search problem is related, because it is  
occurring even if the search results are small, while my pagelist  
problem hasn't been recurring thanks to my reducing the number of  
pages that I ask it to produce.)

Beyond the above, I'm clueless :) Any suggestions would be greatly  


P.S. I'm using pmwiki-2.2.5 on my own computer under MAMP. My  
configuration includes these recipes: powertools, creole, wsplus, and  
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