[pmwiki-users] YouTube embed code updated - parameters now available

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Mon Sep 21 19:54:18 CDT 2009

Hi. I've just released an updated version of Jon Haupt's swf- 
sites.php: swf-sites-2009-09-21.php. The only thing I changed was the  
YouTube code, which can now accept various parameters as defined by  
the YouTube api via the following format:

     (:youtube videocode param1=val1 param2=val2 ... :)

For instance, if you'd like your video to loop:

     (:youtube nr-SZXIVvuo loop=1:)

... or if you'd like it to loop and enable the FullScreen button:

     (:youtube nr-SZXIVvuo loop=1 fs=1:)

Width & Height are now accessible as well:

     (:youtube nr-SZXIVvuo width=425 height=344:)

Use the YouTube api as a reference to figure out which other  
parameters you'd care to use.

In addition, the following Variables are now available for use in  
config.php, before including the recipe:

     * $YouTubeDefaultParams - the default is 'fs=1 hd=1' (FullScreen  
and HighDefinition enabled)
     * $YouTubeDefaultWidth - the default width is 425
     * $YouTubeDefaultHeight - the default height is 344;

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