[pmwiki-users] Single column skin(s)?

Chris Cox ccox at endlessnow.com
Thu Sep 24 14:16:10 CDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-09-24 at 08:31 -0800, Chris Lott wrote:
> I'm in a bit of a time crunch and trying to find a single column (no
> sidebar) pmwiki skin for a presentation. Any ideas?
> I've only found one so far (JH and derivative JHMP), but they are
> problematic because they don't include HTMLFooterFmt information for
> some reason...

One of the nicest things about PmWiki is how flexible it is.

It's actually VERY simple to create your own skin.  IMHO, you create
skins that are about 1000000% better than the ones that are on
the PmWiki site btw (no offense).  PmWiki is just so flexible.

I know that might not be the "answer" you are wanting.  But if you
take a bit of time to look at even the pmwiki skin, you should
be able to figure out just what all is possible.

For example the skin I made supports things like:

(:nonav:) Removes navigation menu
(:noaction:) Removed action menu
(:nologo:) Removes logo area
(:nosearch:) Removes search pane
... and some more...

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