[pmwiki-users] searchresult duplicated

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 16:41:23 CDT 2010

Hello all !

I'm testing a new skin for my site.
Somewhere, in a div, in want a search form ; so I write (in tmpl file) :
<div id="layoutdims"><!--wiki:Info.12--></div>
to include the content of Info.12 (just testing)
Here it is that page's content :

(:searchbox label="chercher":)

This works : I get a working search form in my div as expected.
Trouble is, that, when running a search, I get twice results :
-first : I get expected results where they are expected (in place of
-second : I also get (same and duplicated) results under the first
ones (with the basic informations about how to use search engine) .
In fact, all is as if usual search page (Site/Search) had been
included. I'm sure it did ;)
I suspect there is a (:searchresults:) directive created by <!--PageText-->
Am I true ? What is the solution to tell pmwiki to use "my"
searchresult and to avoid this replicated search ?

My problem can be seen there (anywhere on _dev) :
(replace first w ; pass is my initials profil, no caps).

Thank you !
Gilles (gb).

| A | de la langue française
| B | http://www.languefrancaise.net/
| C | languefrancaise at gmail.com

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