[pmwiki-users] searchresult duplicated

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Apr 5 18:21:20 CDT 2010

On Friday 02 April 2010 02:23:18, ABClf wrote :
> « $PageSearchForm
> The page to be used to format search results for ?action=search
> *(unless the current page has a "searchresults" directive in it)*. »
> Maybe pmwiki doesn't « see » my (:searchresult:) directive : because
> it is an *included* one or because it is not written in content's page
> (where we do edit) but in template ?

It sees it, but later. The pages called by the skin template (sidebars, 
headers...) are processed after the main page and independently of it. 

What you want can be done with the following code in config.php :

  $PageSearchForm = '{$FullName}';

You need to always keep your (:searchresults:) in the page Info.12, always 
called by your skin.


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