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1. you need to format your search results by using a #fmt ; it is easy.
For the default search, edit site.search and write something as
(:searchresults fmt=#description:) instead of (:searchresults:) to
format the results with #description format so that every search that
use the defaut search will use that format.
(use a default template or create a new one if needed)

2. There is something that says PmWiki to search in current Group ; so
you need to delete this filter or to say PmWiki to use the default
search page (which isn't restricted to current Group).
Have a look in your config and in your tmpl file at search variables.

>From doc :
The page to be used to format search results for ?action=search
(unless the current page has a "searchresults" directive in it). This
variable can be an array, in which case the first page found from the
array is used.
# Use Search page in current group if it exists, otherwise use Site.Search
$PageSearchForm = array('$Group.Search', '[=$[$SiteGroup/Search]=]');



ps : source isn't viewable in your site (for site.search).

2010/4/9 Steve G. <wordz2u at gmail.com>:
> There is probably a trivial answer to each question, but it is not known to
> me.
> 1. When I run a search on any of my wikifarm's wiki, I get the results in
> camel print. Is there a way to format the search results with spaces between
> the words? I set the rest of the site like that, (a setting of space wiki
> words in config.php), but it does not seem to apply to search results.
> 2. Also, is there a way to set it so that the search functionality at the
> top right, which is part of the standard skin, searches the whole wiki,
> rather than the current group only?
> Thanks,
> Z.
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