[pmwiki-users] simple and advanced div's

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Apr 15 14:28:48 CDT 2010

On Tuesday 13 April 2010 15:40:19, V.Krishn wrote :
> Both set of markups below produce different browser output.
> >>testing testattrib='aaaa' border='1px solid red'<<
> some text....
> >><<
> (:div testattrib='aaaa' style='border:1px solid red':)
> some text....
> (:div:)
> Would it be possible to tell PmWiki, in case of 2nd markup to ignore the
> extra attribute(eg.testattrib) similar to simple div processing?

The two markups >><< and (:div:) have different logic.

The thing inside >>...<< or in %...% is a "WikiStyle", a predefined set of 
keywords and combinations; those within (:div...:), (:table...:) or (:cell:) 
are raw HTML attributes which are displayed as-is in the produced HTML. 

For wiki authors without much HTML/CSS knowledge, WikiStyles are probably very 
easy to understand and to get working. (PmWikiPhilosophy #1 and #2.)

WikiStyles are not always exact CSS styles or classes, and for very 
experienced hardcore HTML/CSS experts, they might appear unusual at the 
beginning. But I feel there should be no problem for *experts* to understand 
and use a new tool, slightly different from the one they knew before. :-)

In the past, there was a confusion in the documentation about "WikiStyle" vs. 
"HTML Attribute". I tried to explain it better, but if you can improve it, 
please edit the page:



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