[pmwiki-users] want blocks of text beside or above each other, depending on page width

W Randolph Franklin pmwiki at wrfranklin.org
Fri Apr 16 08:19:06 CDT 2010


Sometimes my pages are displayed on wide screens (hi-res displays), and
sometimes on very narrow ones (Droids).    So, I construct them with
several blocks of text, each on a self-contained topic, each a
reasonable width.    When possible I'd like the blocks to be laid out
beside each other, but when necessary above each other.  (I hate forcing
users to scroll in two directions.)  This is analogous to how images or
individual words are laid out.   However I don't want to make my blocks
preformatted since that prevents the reader from increasing the text
size and keeping the same width.

A sample page is here:


Help?  Thanks.

WR Franklin, pmwiki at wrfranklin.org

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