[pmwiki-users] utf-8 installation issues

Rogutės Sparnuotos rogutes at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 18 07:43:50 CDT 2010

Stephan Schildberg (2010-04-18 12:05):
> Hello,
> I cannot get the correct char set of both internationalisations Br-Pt,
> Es and Tr to work.
> Some files are not even readable from my server, due to illegible
> characters as:
> PmWikiTr.SayfaBa�lant�s� (ungültige Kodierung)
> http://www.scoid.net/projekte/urbane_AgrarKultur/pmwiki.php/PmWikiTr/PmWikiTr?userlang=tr
> will result in a blank page with no source code, same result with any '
> ?userlang=tr '
> http://www.scoid.net/projekte/urbane_AgrarKultur/pmwiki.php/PmWikiPtBr/PmWikiPtBr?userlang=Pt-Br
> http://www.scoid.net/projekte/urbane_AgrarKultur/pmwiki.php/PmWikiPtBr/XLPage?userlang=ptbr
> on this page I would expect to change the 'p .sidehead clear' , red
> typed 'Search' in the sidebar to 'Buscar', but this won't. Why?
> I would be glad, that in case someone of you encountered the same
> behaviour and could send me his reminiscents of at least parts of he
> solution to me.....

Hi, Stephan,

You are mixing up several different problems and you are not being very
clear about them. Moreover, all of them are probably configuration errors.

The first issue you have named, namely PmWikiTr.SayfaBa�lant�s� being
unreadable from your server, is probably not related to PmWiki. If you
want help, you should at least mention what software you are using to
download files from your server.

On the other hand, not all browsers behave well with uft-8 characters in
URLs, so you could consider leaving the page names in ascii encoding and
using the (:title ...:) directive (or (:title-tr ...:), (:title-de ...:)
etc. directives, if you are using the MultiLanguageViews recipe).

The ?userlang=tr parameter is not used by PmWiki core, so you should tell
us the versions of the recipe(s) you are running.

In fact, ?userlang=tr showing a blank page might be related to 'Suchen' in
the right sidebar being untranslated: most probably you have some PHP
syntax errors and some general configuration problems in your config.php
file. You should check your server's error logs and show us at least the
multilanguage-related sections of your config.php file.

--  Rogutės Sparnuotos

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