[pmwiki-users] Fox redirect problem

Anke Wehner anke.wehner at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 02:09:15 CDT 2010

OK, this is driving me crazy: I can't change where sending a comment
with fox commentform redirects.

I've got a comment form included on a page. The target is
{*$FullName}-{*$:FoxCount}. There's a ptvtarget set to {*$FullName}; I
tried putting the target tag after that in the form definition, just
in case, but it didn't change a thing.
redirect=1 takes me to {*$FullName}?p=1
redirect={*$FullName}-{*$:FoxCount} takes me to {*$FullName}?p=1
redirect=Test takes me to {*$FullName}?p=1
The full line with the redirect bit is
(:fox commentform pagecheck=CommentForm formcheck=text,access,author
redirect=1 :)
The new page gets created as the target specified just fine. I checked
that I was editing the right form, that I was reloading the page which
included the forum to get the new version, and that "redirect" is
spelled correctly, and I'm out of ideas.

Anybody got an idea where the problem might be/how to fix it?


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