[pmwiki-users] Displaying attachment last modified date in PmWiki page?

Karl Schilke schilkek at onid.orst.edu
Wed Aug 4 16:34:19 CDT 2010

Hi, I'm sure I missed this in my brief search of PmWiki.org and this  
mailing list.

Is there markup to display the modified-on date for an attachment?  
Something like this:

     * Fibrinogen.tiff [Attachment last updated at 3:35:13PM on 27-July-2010]

I use PmWiki as an archival/backup system when writing scientific  
papers, which typically have several image files (figures) and  
multiple MS Office files (manuscripts, spreadsheets, etc).

I'd like to be able to display on the page when these were last  
updated, so I can compare that date with my local filesystem.  It  
seems like a simple piece of markup, but I haven't seen it anywhere.


     -Karl Schilke, Oregon State University

"MATLAB is wonderful with numbers. It deals with text, but you can tell
that its heart isn't in it."
     - William F. Sharpe

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