[pmwiki-users] Another approach to section editing

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sat Aug 7 09:15:43 CDT 2010

This looks like it might be a good starting point:

On 8/7/2010 1:33 AM, Randy Brown wrote:
> I posted a question a while back, but only got one response. Let me try
> again with more detail.
> Could someone who knows PmWiki, PHP, and javascript please give me some
> guidance before I embark on what for me would be a several week project
> that might end in total failure?
> I want to make section editing easy and correct. By "section" I mean
> anchored section, title, or page text variable.
> I've looked at the Sectionedit and Fox recipes. Unfortunately
> Sectionedit requires links on the browsed page, while Fox doesn't yet
> handle simultaneous edits. Fox also changes unedited text slightly,
> which disrupts page revision comparisons. I think the simultaneous edit
> problems that Fox has might be avoided by taking a simpler approach.
> Basically, I want my edit form to allow the user to select a section of
> markup to view and edit. For example the form would show (below "Editing
> MyPage") the following line: "Section: All Title MyPTV
> MyAnchoredSection" etc. These section names would be links. I already
> have markup that shows me these section names - so that's not an issue.
> I'd like the following behavior: action=edit would, as usual, show the
> user all the markup on the page in the edit form's text area. However,
> while editing, the user would be able to click on a link to another
> section to view and edit just that section. The links on the edit form
> that offer section editing could also be placed on the browsed page (or
> any other page) - they just don't have to be.
> A server-based approach could have the edit form contain links that end
> like "action=edit&section=MyAnchoredSection". The server would read the
> URL's parameters and show the user only the section to be edited. (What
> comes before and after would be hidden on the form.)
> A client-based approach would be to have the edit form simply read the
> URL parameters to determine the *initial* section to display. Javascript
> would then allow the user to change to another section. The advantage of
> this approach is that each edited section doesn't have to be saved
> before another section can be edited. Save simply reassembles the parts
> (hidden-prefix, visible-text-to-edit, and hidden-suffix) before
> returning the whole to the server, reversing the splitting it did when
> the form was loaded. The server doesn't have to know the difference.
> I'm completely ignorant about Javascript, and naive enough about PHP and
> PmWiki that I'm afraid I'll spend weeks trying to learn Javascript etc.
> and then discover it can't be done, or that I've done everything the
> wrong way. But I know that javascript is successfully used for spell
> check and guiedit buttons - so it seems like it might be possible.
> Would anyone be willing to mentor me or work with me on this? Does
> anyone have any suggestions about which approach is more likely to work:
> server-based or client-based? Should I start studying Javascript, or is
> that the wrong direction?
> Randy
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