[pmwiki-users] BlogIt configuration -- entries only visible if logged in

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sun Aug 8 17:13:21 CDT 2010

On 8/8/2010 12:52 PM, michael paulukonis wrote:
> I'm trying to set up a BlogIt blog, and while I can get it to work for
> myself as the admin, the posts are not visible to anybody else (or
> myself, when logged-out).
> Additionally, the "RecentlyWritten" section is always blank, whether
> logged-in, or not
I think this is because you specified $bi_DefaultGroup, and created blog 
entries in another group. (Ref response to your other email)

> The BlogIt admin-panel for published entries allows me to see my two
> published [hopefully, see note below on status confusion] entries, and
> I can navigate there to view the entries. But once I log-out, the
> entry is invisible.
If you are not logged in as an admin, then the admin-panel will not be 
visible. Blog entries should be visible to non-authenticated users from 
the main blog list - the page where you put the
   (:includesection "#blog-summary-pagelist blogid=blog1 status=publish":)

> I'm a little confused by the authorizations and terminology on the
> BlogIt cookbook page... the default AuthUser example is for two users,
> I want only one (myself).
I've provided a sample as a response to the other email.

> Additionally, I'm confused by the differing terminology... at some
> points, "blog" appears to refer to an individual post/page... at other
> times, it refers to a group of posts belonging to a person.
I try to use blog-entry to mean a single post, and a blog to mean the 
list of all posts. I may not be consistent, so if you can improve it, 
your help would be welcome.

> Although "blogid" is required for the main blog page, I can't find
> this defined anywhere; I'm assuming that "blog1" is the default id for
> a single blog.
Correct, blog1 is the default if you only have a single blog. If you 
want more than one blog, define:
   $bi_BlogList = array('blog1','blog2')

> Does a non-logged in reader need to have view permissions created?
No. The norm is for non-authenticated users to view blog-entries.

> This is confusing, since the recipe page says "Most blogs are not
> public". I do want my blog to be public; but restrict administration
> to myself.
The behavior you want is the norm. Blog-entries are public; 
administration requires authentication. Again, if you have an alternate 
phrasing, feel free to propose or change it.

> "Publish" and "Published" are used at different times to refer to an
> post status. Since "Publish" is a verb, I would think this is the
> action required to move a post from "Draft" to "Published" (and not a
> status itself). So I'm not entirely sure I've actually changed the
> entry from draft to published.
The term Published simply refers to blog-entries of status Publish. You 
can view the blog-entry status from a number of places -- probably 
easiest is from the edit screen.

> However, I do have distinct entires appearing under the "Published"
> and "Draft" pages. Also slightly confused by the word "Publish"
> appearing under "Action" on the "Published page"... this suggests to
> me that they are NOT published....
The bold Draft/Publish on the admin-list is meant to be a sub-header. 
the Action header refers to the action-links under that (edit/delete, etc).

   ~ ~ Dave

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