[pmwiki-users] Display issues with Mini/Lightbox

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Sat Aug 14 12:37:21 CDT 2010

Hello everyone,

I'm running PmWiki as my web site engine (and find it great).

Now I've come to set up the Mini recipe to display image galleries. 
While I have already once successfully set up the Mini recipe to display 
images with the lightbox engine, this time and with my skin there are 
display issues when I do a "Mini:*.jpg" on the eight attached images.

In Internet Explorer, the page is usable:
* the page renders perfectly fine with 8 squared "mini images"
* upon clicking them, the Lightbox opens. However, it does not "shade" 
(i.e., make dark but transparent) the entire window, but only the "first 
full screen" of it. (This means: if the HTML page is three screens long, 
the dark film ends after one third of the page)

In Google Chrome (5), nothing really works:
* the page does not render correctly, even though the 8 Minis get 
displayed. But even without clicking any image, the top half of the 
screen gets dark
* clicking an image makes the entire screen white first, then displays 
the image, but on plain white background. The frame, image controls etc. 
show up at the bottom of the screen, one has to scroll to get there.

So to make it short: I now have to find the reason why some part of the 
display does not work. Probably it's the skin's fault. Does anyone have 
an idea what could be the explanation - or even better, a fix?


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