[pmwiki-users] Thumblist recipe: Non-standard filenames

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Sun Aug 15 15:08:57 CDT 2010


I'm very happy with the Thumblist recipe and very sure it will do 
everything I ever wanted from a gallery script.

Now I'm stumbling upon a problem: I have tons of images with filenames like

"20100406 - 111139 269.jpg"

and try to display such an image with

(:thumb "20100406 - 111139 269.jpg" :)

However, it does not work - I get
* 20100406 - 111139 269.jpg Δ
from PmWiki, indicating that such a file does not exist.

If I remove spaces and dashes from the filename and the markup, it 
works. However, I do not want to rename all of my images.

Any way how this could be made work? From what I've read, the recipe 
should be able to handle non-standard filenames (even though it's not 
recommended... actually, why?).

Thanks for any help,


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