[pmwiki-users] Fwd: pagelist of referenced items

Markus Heinzer keusen at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 09:59:40 CDT 2010

Thanks Peter
I took your second solution (the one with the Markup) since to my eyes 
this is more pmwiki-style than the wikish-thing. Anyway both solutions 
look fine.
Finally I got it working. And I even added some titles to the topic 
areas. Thanks for your hints, I learned a lot.

------------ code into config.php ---------------
Markup("loop-de-loop", "<pagelist", "/\\(::loop-de-loop (.*?)::\\)/e",

function NestedLoopEcho($arg)
     $arg = stripslashes(str_replace('\n', "{newline}", $arg));
     $topics = array('Birds','Fish','Dinosaurs','Insects','Mammals');
     $opt = array('start1'=>1, 'end1'=>5, 'start2'=>1, 'end2'=>200);
     $opt = array_merge($opt, ParseArgs($arg));
     $rtn = "";
     for ($i = $opt['start1']; $i <= $opt['end1']; $i++)
         if ($opt['fmt1'])
             $rtn .= str_replace(array('{loop1}', '{loop2}', 
'{newline}'), array($topics[$i-1], $j, "\n"), $opt['fmt1']);
         for ($j = $opt['start2']; $j <= $opt['end2']; $j++)
             if ($opt['fmt2'])
                 $rtn .= str_replace(array('{loop1}', '{loop2}', 
'{newline}'), array($i, $j, "\n"), $opt['fmt2']);
                 if ($opt['fmt3'])
                     $rtn .= str_replace(array('{loop1}', '{loop2}', 
'{newline}'), array($i, $j, "\n"), $opt['fmt3']);
     return $rtn;

-------------- code onto pagelist-page ---------------------
(::loop-de-loop start1=1 end1=2 start2=120 end2=130 
fmt1="{newline}!!!Topic area: {loop1}" fmt2="{newline}Question {loop2}: 
" fmt3='(:pagelist "[[#answer-{loop1}-{loop2}]]" order=title 
loop1={loop1} loop2={loop2} fmt=#listansweringpages:)'::)

don't forget to put this all on one line. One can adapt the values 
start1/end1 and start2/end2 to one's needs.


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