[pmwiki-users] external links on pmwiki.org being blocked

Patrik Schrey patrik.schrey at skynet.be
Tue Aug 31 16:27:15 CDT 2010

Hi Adam,

http://flowplayer.org was already an allowed URL.
I have added http://static.flowplayer.org to the allowed URL list and did a 
test on page Test.FlowplayerAccess, and this worked.
Can you try again? I don't see directly a reason for the "This post has been 
blocked by the administrator" message.

You need a password to approve new external URLs, not yet on the 
SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls list.
I think it's up to Petko (or PM) to distribute this password, to people that 
can approve (after checking) these new URLs for you.


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