[pmwiki-users] Group auth. Problem

Mirco Dunker Mirco.Dunker at gmx.de
Wed Feb 3 03:30:33 CST 2010


I’am new to PmWiki and have a question about user authorization in groups. I created 2 users, let’s say userA and userB and 3 groups (groupA, groupB, groupC). The standard PmWiki Main group should only be public readable so I added “$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = 'id:*';” to the config.php. For user auth. I added “include_once("$FarmD/scripts/authuser.php");” to the config.php. This works fine. Only the two reg. users can edit after user based login.
The 3 other groups should only be used by the both user in the following way: groupA for userA, groupB for userB and groupC for both. My problem is that I didn’t find a possibility to restrict groups by user. I can only restrict a group with a global password by using the groups attribute page (groupA.GroupAttributes?action=attr). 
How can I define that a group can only be “used” (means viewed, edited,….) by a special user?

Thanks in advance,

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