[pmwiki-users] Group auth. Problem

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Wed Feb 3 03:48:13 CST 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010, 9:11:26 AM, Mirco Dunker wrote:

> The 3 other groups should only be used by the both user in the
> following way: groupA for userA, groupB for userB and groupC for
> both. My problem is that I didn’t find a possibility to restrict
> groups by user. I can only restrict a group with a global password
> by using the groups attribute page
> (groupA.GroupAttributes?action=attr). 
> How can I define that a group can only be “used” (means viewed, edited,….) by a special user?

You need to set this in the group's GroupAttribute page
There is no other place to this, you can't do it in config.php or in
a central wiki page.
In the attribute form set each of the attributes (view, edit, etc.)
to the relevant user ids, like id:userA
or as a list, like id:userA,userB

On the page SiteAdmin.AuthUser you can also 'group' users, creating
account groups (different from wiki page groups!)
@editors: userA, userB

Basically you are creating a kind of alias, which you then can use in
the attribute fields (action=attr) of a Group's GroupAttribute page,
entering for instance in the 'edit' field there: @editors

hope this helps.


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