[pmwiki-users] project managing with pmwiki and gantt

Knut Alboldt pmwiki at alboldt.de
Sat Feb 6 04:04:52 CST 2010

Hi !

Is there any interest of using pmwiki for project management ?
I started to implement some basic features.

I know there are a lot of PM-Tools (PM for project-management! ;-) but I 
found it usefull to embed project management function directly into a 

It's not as intuitive as a GUI-PM (MS-Project, Open-Source PM-Tools as 
well, etc) its more an implementation like task-juggler.

The project information is defined within (:prj-markups with all 
task-infos stored in attributes of the markup and some simple markups 
for listings and gantt-processing (using an open source tool called 
BURAK_gantt, has to be modified for this job).

'Til now I've implemented only a simple (not nested) tasklist but they 
can be combind using the (:include-markup

If this is of any interest for some people I can extract the code from 
my wiki and test this in a basic pmwiki-installation and set up some 
sample pages on my website (and may be you'll help to expand these 


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