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V.Krishn vkrishn at insteps.net
Sun Feb 7 05:28:16 CST 2010

I guess we can keep adding pages like
....and so on

On Sunday 07 Feb 2010 4:31:32 pm Hans wrote:
> Saturday, February 6, 2010, 10:49:27 PM, Randy Brown wrote:
> > Now added as Cookbook/Optimizations. I basically copied Petko's
> > email, with a few tweaks. It could use further editing. Also, if
> > anyone else has optimizations to add..
> I wonder if the recipe should not be called Speed Optimizations,
> as Petko's list is entirely about optimizing for speed,
> and not any other kind of optimization.
> I think it would be good to restric the recipe in this way.
> There are lots of recipes which offers other kinds of optimizations
> and improvements, not making  awiki faster, but better in other ways.
> But this is a collection of ideas to improve speed.
>   ~Hans
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