[pmwiki-users] new recipe: datepicker

Knut Alboldt pmwiki at alboldt.de
Sun Feb 7 11:24:49 CST 2010

Hi Hans !

Thanks for your quick feedback. Seems to be, that I didn't do my QA well ;-)

Am 07.02.2010 17:57, schrieb Hans:
> thanks Knut!
> Some feedback:
> I got it running after playing with the $HTMLHeaderFmt settings a bit.
> I prefer the javascript, css, and button image all in one directory,
> i.e. pub/datepicker/
> so I changed the $HTMLHeaderFmt accordingly.

ok, I think it's best to chnage the installation instructions (and the 
code as well)
Can you send me the changed HTMLHeaderFmt ?

> To load the css and script only when the datepicker markup directive
> is in the page I put the  $HTMLHeaderFmt['datepicker']
> into the datapicker function. But I think this only works if the
> (:datepicker ....:) markup is in the main page content, not in a
> sidebar subpage.
I believe yes, but the question is whether it should be placed in the 
sidebar. Or it could be made configuratable - I'll have a try

> I noticed one error in the available date formats the script provides:
> 'd-m-Y' is not availale, but 'Y-m-d' is.
> I often use 'Y-m-d', so I was glad that this works out of the box.
I'll have a look ...
> And one minor thing:
> if one downloads the datapicker gif icon, it is named
> datepickerselect.gif, and not selectdatebutton.gif as set in
> datepicker.php with $DatepickerImg
oh yes ....
> Anyway, works great!
fine, I'll be back when I've corrected the erros, could you send me the 
HTMLHeaderFmt-changes (iI guess you changed it to use <link ...>-tags to 
the css etc ?

> thanks,
>    ~Hans

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