[pmwiki-users] Handling canonical URLs (ie don't allow variable case in urls)

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Feb 8 13:21:15 CST 2010

Hi, I'm running on linux and I am trying to setup some kind of 
canonicalisation on my site so that URLs all have exactly the same case, 
eg you will notice on the PmWiki site that these two urls go to the same 


I am under the (mistaken?) impression that google will possibly treat 
each as a separate URL, but in any case it just cases confusion.

The ideal situation is that if the calculated URL for a page is not the 
same as the actual URL for the page then we literally 301 redirect to 
the canonical URL and continue normally.

Can someone please give me some suggestions on how to hook into PmWiki 
to make this happen?  Actually, more to the point I'm unsure where the 
case correction is actually happening (eg see URL examples above) - 
given that I'm on a unix based system with case sensitive URLs, it's not 
clear why it's finding files with different cased names?


Ed W

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